Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Managing fleets is hard, whether it is cars, LVCs or the largest HGVs. Operators face lots of challenges and need the right partners to work with. Unfortunately it can be tough for businesses to market their products and services to fleet companies. Luckily, we are here to offer a very reliable service. We supply reliable data that can help to improve various aspects of fleet management and marketing to operators.

What does our data include?

Managing fleets is tricky because each one is unique in many ways. This can include size, location, the actual service and operation, number of employees and more. It can be hard for businesses to learn all of these things. However, with our data they have everything they need. More importantly, we ensure that the records are verified and up to date.

Our handy reports can give you a much better insight into fleet operators all across the UK. We have records for over 75,000 HGV fleets, 45,000 LCV fleets, and 45,000 car fleets. As a result our clients can get their hands on details that will help shape their strategies. More importantly, with all this information to hand they can save on resources.

One thing we appreciate is it can be hard to determine who to contact to discuss products and services. This is even harder with fleets, especially if the operator has a large workforce. Our data is helpful again here because it includes the contact details of decision makers where possible. The information could be the telephone number, email, or physical address. It will also usually have the name of the contact.

Combine criteria

With our data you can narrow down the results based on different combinations of criteria. For example you could choose location and fleet size or type of finance and number of employees. This makes it even easier to see which businesses you should be targeting.

Whether you are looking to improve your fleet management services or want to generate new business, our data can help. Contact us to discuss your needs and we will offer advice and support.