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Quality Assurance

Double opt-in data and quality guarantee

Our data collection and opt-in methods comply with UK & EU law together with the tougher guidelines set out by the DMA, we are also ISO 9001:2008 compliant.

You’ll only be using double opt-in data with Fleet Data Solutions. These recipients have said “yes” twice when they are included on the database and they know how their data will be used.

For the data that we supply each recipient will either receive a phone call from our call centre or fill in an online form. The purpose of this is to gather the information we need – decision maker name, company name, telephone, email, fax, number of staff, line of business and so on.

Once they’ve given over those details, they’ll be asked two things – first, would they mind if their details went onto online directories and onto 118 services.

Second, would they mind if their details were licensed out to other companies so they can market to them directly.

If they’ve said yes, they’ll then be sent an email. That email has a link to a compilation website. They’ll be asked to tick boxes which allow their details to be listed on online directories, to be given out by 118 services and to be licensed out to companies like yours. The boxes are not pre-ticked – they have to tick them and click a button to agree to it.

When you buy this data, it will give you an opportunity to build a strong customer database over a 12-month period. We constantly work hard and spend a lot of time keeping our data up to date.